PUBG - Analog profile

Last updated: 27 September 2017

An analog profile is very personal. This guide will only help you get started, it's recommended to explore better options and test around with the analog curve.

- Community Made -

Made by @vapor.

Before you follow these instructions, be aware that it will reset all your PUBG settings to default with a couple of adjustments. When you change the keybinding settings in PUBG, do not change the movement key bindings.


Analog profile code: ee40d98c-9301-af1b-3998-1a00acf48c23

Change Configuration files

To skip pesky in-game control bindings and PUBG beta hickups/glitches, you need to replace the config folder settings.

  1. Download: PUBG config files.
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Go to C:\Users"yourname"\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  4. Replace content with files from the ZIP

If you can't find the AppData folder:

Known issues:

A couple of known issues with the current PUBG build:

  1. Switching in between controller/keyboard+mouse User Interface
  2. Can't zoom in on the map
  3. PUBG will not recognize the keyboard controller if you startup your PC with the keyboard not plugged in.

Additional comment from @vapor:

 To those whose analog controls broke (parachute and vehicle controls not working): add this this to the input.ini: AxisMappings=(AxisName="VehicleMoveForward",Key=Gamepad_LeftY,Scale=1.000000) AxisMappings=(AxisName="VehicleMoveRight",Key=Gamepad_LeftX,Scale=1.000000)

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