Restore/Reset the Wooting one

Your Wooting one stopped working and it's a paperweight. Don't worry, you didn't break it and it's very easy to restore. Just follow these steps:

Step 0: Save your current profiles

Open the profile manager by clicking the bottom left square shaped icon and [save your profiles].

Step 1: Enter keyboard restore mode

Plug the Wooting one in your PC, while holding down the "Mode" and "Right arrow" keys. If you did it correctly all the RGB lights should be off and the Wooting one will be listed as "Wooting Restore" under "Devices and Printers".

Step 2: Start the Wootility troubleshooting

Open the Wootility ( download) and wait for it to finish loading. It will not find your keyboard and show an image to connect your Wooting One. Click the "click here to troubleshoot" text to start the process.

Step 3: Choose your layout and wait

In the troubleshooting screen, please carefully read the update instruction before you select the correct keyboard layout. 

You can choose between an "ISO" or "ANSI" layout. Please see your "Return/Enter" to identify the layout. An ISO layout has a large L shaped Return/Enter key. An ANSI layout has a rectangular shaped Return/Enter key.

Step 4: Reset complete

You have successfully reset the keyboard. There's no need to restart the Wootility or unplug the keyboard

Optional Step 5: Still have an issue?

If you have followed the above steps but still have the same issue, please repeat all the steps with the keyboard plugged into a USB 2.0 port.

If your problem consists, please let us know on Discord or email us at with the problem in the subject.

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