Counter Strike: GO - Analog profile

Last update: 30 August 2017

An analog profile is very personal. This guide will only help you get started, it's recommended to explore better options and test around with the analog curve.

Analog profile setup

Game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Profile code: 4f030c7f-7c8c-8e77-da90-4b5add8d8eeb

Profile Characteristics: 

  • Actuation point on 1.5mm for fastest reaction
  • Longer mid-speed range
  • Only analog movement

Game settings

Enable Controller

Go to Help & Options > Controller and enable the Controller Enabled option.

Enable Joystick

Make sure Developer Console (~) is enabled. To enable the developer console go to Help & Options > Game Settings and enable the Enable Developer Console (~) option.

Open the developer console with ~. If it keeps jumping away, try pressing shift+", open again, press e.

In the developer console type and enter: joystick 1

This will enable the controller joystick.

Remove Keyboard Movement Bindings

Remove the in-game movement bindings for Keyboard. Go to Help & Options > Keyboard / Mouse and remove the (by default) W, A, S, and D from the Move Forward, Backward, Left, Right.

Start Gaming :)

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Advanced analog use

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