Rocket League - Analog profile

Last update: 10 September 2017

An analog profile is very personal. This guide will only help you get started, it's recommended to explore better options and test around with the analog curve.

Analog Profile Setup

Game: Rocket League

Profile code: f9d28f2a-70f6-c632-e2d5-08db840870dc

Profile Characteristics: 

  • Actuation point on 1.5mm for fastest reaction
  • Linear analog curve for gradual movement
  • Only analog movement


  • Issue 1: Rocket league doesn't always recognize the controller. When this happens, just replug the keyboard and it will recognize it instantly.
  • Issue 2: If you use Steam big picture, and made adjustments/use controller specific functions, this might hinder with typing in chat

Remove in-game deadzones 

Deadzones will kill the total analog range. Therefore remove them in the game options > controller settings. Set any options that mention deadzone to 0.

Remove WASD movement bindings 

The digital keys are turned on so that you can use all your keyboard bindings. You want all the movement to be taken over by the controller analog stick and bumper buttons. Therefore remove the Keyboard WASD keys from all the bindings. Don't forget the areal controls.


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