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Last update: 16 November 2017

An analog profile is very personal. This guide will only help you get started, it's recommended to explore better options and test around with the analog curve and key bindings.

Analog Profile Setup

Game: League of Legends (LoL)

Profile code: 119ee2a0-ba25-741d-7019-40d73537c6c9

Profile Characteristics: 

  • Actuation point on 1.7mm standard
  • No analog keys bound
  • Digital keys on
  • Double Keystroke (DKS) bound to QWERDF

League of Legends Setup

The idea is that you will use the DKS function to run 2 commands. You will first want to activate Normal Cast on the first actuation point and Quick Cast on the second actuation point.

Therefore go to LoL settings, hotkeys, expand "Abilities and Summoners Spells".

Bind all the hotkeys you want to use for all the Normal Cast spells. In this case, we use the QWERDF standard.

Choose a modifier key you would like to use for Quick Casting and bind it in combination with the corresponding Normal Cast spell keys. In this case, we use Shift key.

Wootility Setup

Now all you need to do is make the DKS cards in the Wootility.

With all the cards you'll first want to assign the DKS key, then bind the Normal Cast hotkey on the first actuation point (on 1.5mm) and the Quick Cast hotkey on the second actuation point (on 3.5mm). Make sure to spread the actuation points to the both far ends for the best comfort.

If you followed our example, your DKS bindings will look something like this:

Happy Gaming.

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