Game profile - Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5)

Last update: 26 June 2018

This guide will only help you get started, it's recommended to explore the options and test around with both the analog curve and other binding options. If you have any feedback or improved method, please reach out to us ( and we'll improve the information here with your credit.

Analog profile setup

Game: Grand Theft Auto 5

Profile code: 43d052e1-d607-c636-2f95-d5e4edc0539f

Profile Characteristics

  • Only for analog driving, switch to digital profile for on-foot.
  • Profile credit: EzekyleA


FIX: Aiming while driving backwards (Credit: EzekyleA)

People experienced an issue whereby GTA5 tends to start aiming while you drive backwards. A community member, EzekyleA, came with a solution.

You can change the controller button layout in the GTA5 menu for driving in third- and first person to: Alternative.

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