Issue - Analog input is not working


You tried to set up a couple of analog profiles, ready to analog the crap out of a game, but then nada, no response, nothing happens? Then follow these steps: 

If the game is a source game, such as Team Fortress 2 or Counter-Strike, please head to this guide first:

PS: If at any step it works, you can stop and play. Don't proceed to the next step.

First, make sure your Xinput is NOT disabled. It should look like this:

Step 1: Is the PC receiving Analog input?

Make sure you have Xinput buttons bounded in one of the analog profiles with the Wootility, for example:

Please go to this simple online gamepad testing tool. Press the Xinput button you bound. Does it recognize the devices, change values and react?

  • No, go to step 2.
  • Yes, go to step 3

Step 2: Install Windows Xinput drivers

Jump to this article:

Did that fix your problem?

  • No, go to step 3
  • Yes, gg, gl, hf, bbye!

Step 3: Double-check if the game supports Xinput

Does the game support Xinput (Xbox controller input)? 

  • No, then you can try DirectInput if it supports its, otherwise, no analog D:
  • Yes, go to step 4.

Step 4: Make sure that the keyboard is in controller slot 1

Do you have an Xbox controller plugged in? Unplug your keyboard and controller, restart your PC, plug-in keyboard first.

Did magic happen?

  • No, go to step 5
  • Yes, Boomshacka, let's play!

Step 5: Bind the A, B, X or Y button

Bind the Xinput A, B, X or Y button somewhere on the keyboard. Then when you enter the game, try pressing one of those keys multiple times and see if there's any response or if it starts to recognize the controller. 

Did that not work? go to the next step

Step 6: Replug keyboard, Restart PC, Re-install drivers

Try in this order, if one fails, go to the next one:

  1. Re-plug your keyboard in the game and before starting the game
  2. Restart your PC, try again, failed? 
    1. Restart PC again, try again, failed?
    2. Restart PC again, try again, failed?
    3. Restart PC again, try again, failed?
    4. Why? Sometimes it just needs to pick it up for the first time and Windows is not friendly. Next step is last resort:
  3. Re-install driver
    1. Download this Handy tool
    2. uninstall all the Wooting one drivers
    3. plug out keyboard, plug in again, wait for it to do stuff (it's installing drivers).
    4. restart PC, double-check step Step 1, if it doesn't work, follow step 2.

Did everything above not work? Then please contact our support! Thank you.

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