Guide - Use USBDeview to remove registry entries

This guide is fairly involved and is a tried and true method to solve Wootility not detecting a Wooting one. This issue happens with some older batches of keyboards right out of the box. You can try this guide even if this is not your case, but that's not what this guide is for per se. Let's go!

Step 1.

Download USBDeview from Scroll down until you see the download links. When you have downloaded it, open it up and sort the list of devices by ProductID, by clicking the column above:

Look for devices under the ProductID "ff01". These are the devices handling the Wooting one. Select them all (select the top-most, hold down Shift and click the last) and right-click to remove them all:

Your keyboard might go dark after this operation.

Step 2.

Make sure that you don't see any devices under the ProductID ff01. If you don't, unplug the keyboard from your computer. Wait a few seconds, and plug it back in. Windows should now treat it as a completely new device and will fetch the generic drivers that allow Windows to identify the device as a keyboard. Wait until they are installed, and hooray! You should be able to type now.

Step 3.

If you're still having trouble after carefully following these instructions, join our Discord or send us an email at

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