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This guide includes how to get analog movement in Fortnite and basic troubleshooting. Troubleshoot is at the end.

Before you start:

You need to make sure you understand how Wooting profiles work and how to navigate through them using the Mode key and Analog profile hotkeys. Please see:


Fortnite supports simultaneous input from multiple devices, including keyboards, mouse, and controller. The Wooting keyboard is a composite device that is essentially both a Keyboard and a Controller. You can use either one, both at the same time, or map individual keys to keyboard or controller only keys. There is no software emulating these inputs, it all comes natively from keyboard.

The Wootility is only used to configure/change the settings on the keyboard, after which it’s saved onto the keyboard. You can close down the Wootility afterwards and do not need to run anything in the background.

Profile code

Import the code: be55bde3-6bc0-479d-802b-e7b92341003f
How to import profiles

Please make sure to also read the first part of the guide for the settings changes in Fortnite. If this is the first time settings up a profile, I recommend to follow the entire guide to understand what you’re doing.

Fortnite Game settings

Step 1: Lock user interface Since we’re using both a keyboard and controller at the same time, we have to make sure Fortnite doesn’t get confused with its user interface (UI) and lock keyboard and mouse input.

  • Go to Mouse and Keyboard settings in Fortnite
  • Lock Input Method as Mouse is on
  • Ignore Gamepad input is off

Step 2: Remove deadzones Fortnite adds a deadzone to decrease analog joystick sensitivity. The deadzone ignore input until after a certain amount of movement. This adds no benefit to your Wooting keyboard and we can control this ourselves. Let’s remove it.

  • Go to the controller settings in Fortnite
  • Move both left and right joystick deadzone to the lowest possible (5%)

Step 3: Lock sprint Fortnite has the option to sprint without needing to press shift. If you want instant response and free up a pinky, then you need to enable this.

  • Go to general settings in Fortnite
  • Sprint by Default is on

Analog profile settings

Before continuing please make sure your Xinput is not disabled in the Wootility settings. If Xinput is disabled, it effectively turns off the keyboard from being also a Xinput (Xbox) controller.

Step 4: Enable digital keys We want to make sure all your keyboard keys still work in Fortnite for all your other bindings. We only need the left joystick movement on the WASD keys. We refer to “Digital keys” to indicate the keyboard keys.

  • Choose one of your analog profiles to start changing its settings. You can change the name of your profile by double clicking the profile name.
  • Go to digital settings
  • Make sure Digital keys is enabled
  • Move the actuation point to 1.5mm

Step 5: Bind Xbox (Xinput) Joystick Now for the magic. We want to have controller joystick movement in the game, therefore we need to bind the left joystick to the WASD keys.

  • Jump to Analog Bindings
  • Make sure Xinput is check marked
  • Click the box next to the text on the right and enter:
    • Left joystick up: W
    • Left joystick down: S
    • Left joystick left: A
    • Left joystick right: D
  • If you made a mistake, you can bind again or remove it by right clicking

Step 7: Analog curve to the max If you want to have instant controller strafe movement, without a gradual increase as you press down the key, then it’s best to maximize the analog curve input.

  • Jump to the analog settings
  • Grab the first dot in the analog curve graph and move it all the way up to the end.
  • Repeat the process for the other 3 dots.

Step 8: Disable specific keyboard keys In the current state, to get the movement we want, we only want to disable the W and S keyboard keys using the DKS feature. DKS was made to activate different binary actions at different press levels.. But it’s also possible to use it to unbind keyboard keys in specific profiles. The new software update (beta version) will remove this requirement, allow you to disable all keys with joystick binds, and tweak the exact movement angle.

  • Jump to D.K.S. Settings
  • Left click the W key on the keyboard layout overview
  • Left click the S key on the keyboard layout overview
  • Make sure to not bind anything in the sub settings below, so that the keys do nothing.

You are now ready for controller movement in Fortnite. Have fun!


There are a few reasons why the above settings might not work. They are all controller related issues. Either you have another controller connected that is taking player slot 1, your Xinput drivers did not install correct, or Steam big picture is interfering with your controller inputs.

First we need to see if your Xinput drivers are installed and the keyboard is recognized as a controller.  Please avoid using a USB hub when setting it up the first time.

  1. Please head over to Gamepad-tester: Gamepad Tester
  2. Jump to your Fortnite analog profile
  3. Press any of the controller joystick buttons (WASD)
  4. The gamepad tester should respond to your input and display the controller inputs
  5. If you do not see any response as shown in the picture below, then jump to Issue 1
  6. If you see that the Index is not 0 as highlighted in the picture below, then jump to Issue 2
  7. If both conditions above are not an issue, and it still does not work in Fortnite, then jump to issue 3

Issue 1: Xinput driver not installed

When you connect the Wooting keyboard it’ll download all the necessary standard drivers for keyboards and controllers. This doesn’t always work out for Xinput (driver for Xbox controllers) and will need you to either re-do the driver request or manually install the driver.

If you have a Ryzen chipset, please make sure to connect the keyboard straight into one of the motherboard USB ports. Preferable USB2.0. Please avoid using a USB hub when setting it up the first time.

  1. Disconnect the keyboard and any controller or input devices other than your mouse from your PC.
  2. Connect the keyboard, wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Open Gamepad Tester , jump in an analog profile, and press any controller button/joystick.
  4. If you see no response, rinse and repeat at least one more time
  5. If you see a response, make sure that the controller is also in INDEX 0
  6. If it’s not INDEX 0, please go to issue 2
  7. If you still see no response, see issue 3
  8. It should now also work in Fortnite.

Issue 2: Player slot 1 is taken

Windows has player slots for all its controllers. The first controller that is plugged into the system will automatically get player slot 1, the second player slot 2, etc. The slots could move around when the controller goes inactive. The game only recognizes input from controllers in slot 1. Windows doesn’t have any menu to manually change the player slots.

Also keep in mind that devices like a steering wheel or flight stick are also controllers and most likely also have an Xinput interface.

  1. Turn off your PC
  2. Disconnect alle input devices
  3. Turn on PC and wait until the login screen
  4. Plug in your Wooting keyboard first, then you mouse, and nothing else
  5. Open Gamepad Tester , jump in an analog profile, and press any controller button/joystick.
  6. If you see a response, and you see INDEX 0, it should now work in Fortnite.
  7. If you did not see any response, then go to issue 2
  8. If you had already tried issue 2, then head over to issue 3

Issue 3: Xinput Drivers manual update

Your Xinput driver are outdated and might need to be updated manually.

  1. Right click the start button and select Device manager
  2. Find the Xbox 360 peripheral and expand it
  3. Right click the Xbox 360 controller for windows and select Update driver 
  4. Restart your PC after the update
  5. Go back to the Troubleshoot heading and repeat the process.
  6. If you still have an issue, please repeat this issue and instead of update, uninstall the driver.
  7. It will require you to restart your PC
  8. Try the gamepad tester again, if you get no response, replug the keyboard

Still not working?

Follow this new guide using the Wootility Beta:

Issue - Analog input not working

The alternative is to head over to our Discord server #fortnite channel

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